What can you do with a degree in Biology?

what can you do with a biology degree

A degree in Biology has so many possibilities! If you are considering a career in the science field, you will have many options to choose from. Let me tell you what some of our University of Mobile students have pursued after graduation, as well as some more details on what you will study in order to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

Our graduates are doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, teachers, nurses, physical and occupational therapists. They teach science to others, do scientific research in laboratories and on boats, and work in industry. The Natural Sciences Department is part of the College of Arts and Sciences, and we offer degrees in Biology with a Pre-Health concentration, Biology, Biology with a Teaching Certificate, and Marine Science. From studying the ocean to operating in a surgical suite, our graduates explore the natural world, full of God’s wonderful works.

Our Pre-Health Concentration Biology degree provides students with all of the pre-requisites for further education in health-related fields with the added bonus of a Chemistry minor. Recent graduates are studying human medicine, veterinary medicine and pharmacy. Physician’s Assistants, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Genetic Counselors, Food Scientists and Nutritionists also have called the 3rd floor of Weaver Hall home for a few years. 

Recent graduates holding a Biology Degree with a Teaching Certificate are helping high school and middle school students learn about biology and chemistry. Other graduates with a Biology Degree have found work in the health industries as nurses or laboratory technicians. Graduates with a Chemistry minor have found employment in quality control labs in the chemical industry, as well as forensic and hospital labs. Biologists put their knowledge of microbiology and anatomy to work in the pharmaceutical industry to help find better and safer drugs.

Our Marine Science graduates combine their love and knowledge of the environment with a strong desire to help protect that environment. Marine scientists study all aquatic organisms in their environment, from microscopic animals and plants to blue whales. Marine scientists focus on the health of the world’s oceans and help industries and governments to maintain it. Our graduates work in a variety of settings, from aquariums to collecting underwater samples to a research lab.

If any of these areas sounds like a fit for your strengths and interests, then a major in Biology may just be for you!

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What can you do with a degree in Biology?

A degree in Biology has so many possibilities! If you are considering...
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