Overcome Your College Fears With RamRush

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The first week of college can be intimidating, hectic and scary. Perhaps one of the scariest parts about it is that, typically, one knows almost no one there before arriving. Here at University of Mobile, we have a solution to this problem; it’s called RamRush.

RamRush is one of the highlights of the whole year at UM. Some would call it a week full of events; I prefer to think of it as one giant event that goes on for an entire week. For this event you will get assigned to a group, conveniently called your RamRush group, to spend it with. This entire week is oriented to helping you get used to UM. While it’s not necessary to attend, it is strongly encouraged; and here are 3 reasons I think Ramrush is worth attending:

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#1 It is the easiest way the make great friends.

Your RamRush group can quickly become your best friends. My core group of friends is made up of people I either met during RamRush or were in my RamRush group. And if you’re a commuter, as I was freshman year, this is extra helpful. You may not be on campus as much, but you are guaranteed to have at least one class with these people, so be friends!


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#2 Connections.

RamRush is a great time to make connections, as you get a chance to meet a large portion of the school’s population. From your fellow freshman, to your upperclassmen leaders, you will probably meet more people than you can remember the name of. Feel free to take that as a challenge.


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#3 It’s just a good time.

The activities that take place are guaranteed to supply you with plenty of laughs and smiles. The entirety of RamRush is geared to helping you adjust to the college life, so enjoy it. Have fun, be silly with your RamRush group, make friends. While RamRush happens every fall, you only get one shot as a freshman. Make the most of it.

College is an exciting time; RamRush just makes it more exciting. While it is in no way required, it will add so much more to your experience at the University of Mobile. It’s full of games, events, free stuff (who doesn’t like free stuff?!) and food. You will make memories and friends that you will keep for years to come, all while having a great time. RamRush is worth it.


You can find out more about Ram Rush by going to umobile.edu/ramrush

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Overcome Your College Fears With RamRush

The first week of college can be intimidating, hectic and scary. Perhaps...
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